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Written by Sandy Patch   
Sunday, 08 June 2008 00:00

  We are the American Party of Florida -- an attempt to offer citizens a way to recoup their country using the template set down by our founding fathers in 1776. Our platform is brief and to the point. First we believe in government accountability, that is, they must stand for the laws they pass or repeal and must be willing to change or eliminate those statutes and progams that do not work.

   Secondly, we belive in term limits. Not a law that mandates term limits -- but a mindset that has candidates serving no more than two terms before going back into the private sector. We stringently oppose career politicians who feed at the public trough for their entire lives. We want candidates who looke at themselves in the mold of citizen legislators.

   Finally, we believe in vertical enforcement of illegal immigration laws. We believe in the arrest, prosecution and deportation of those in this country illegally. Moreover, we believe in stringent fines and even jail time for those who knowingly employ, provide housing, or otherwise enable illegal aliens.

   We think English should be the official language of American cities, counties, states and for the country at large.

   Join us in this grand experiment to begin to return this country to its roots. Please feel free to contact us. We are interested in your comments, critiques and ideas.

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